Victor Suriel

Analyst, Programmer, Mathematician

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About Me

Professionally, I am a business analyst in financial and commodities risk. I am also a thinker who loves solving puzzles; perhaps this is why I am so fascinated by math, science, and technology. My areas of interest include statistics, machine learning, and differential equations. When it comes to programming, I regularly program in C, Python, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript.


Brown University

M.S. in Applied Mathematics

Stony Brook University

B.S. in Mathematics


  • Statistics: graphical models, hypothesis testing, regression
  • Machine Learning: neural networks, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction
  • Probability theory: stochastic calculus, Brownian motion
  • Numerical PDEs: finite difference, finite element, spectral methods

Numerical simulation of fluid flow around a square. Created in MATLAB


Although I specialize in scientific computing and back end development, I am a full stack developer that can program both the front and back end of any project. Some of my previous projects include...

More projects can be found on my Github. Below are a few languages and technologies I work with:


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